4 Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross platform mobile development identifies a method of creating mobile applications that may be used on multiple mobile platforms. Because there are many platforms, apparatus fragmentation was among the significant challenges that made it hard for the developers to make programs that runs on all mobile devices. Cross-platform mobile development tools were created to address this problem which ensures uniformity by providing common device functionality attributes.

As now ‘s web mobile application programmers are attempting to become nimble, they utilize the very best resources to develop a mobile application. Here listed are the 4 greatest cross platform mobile program development tools.

1. PhoneGap / / Apache Cordova

2. Appcelerator Titanium

3. Adobe Air

4. Sencha Twist

1. PhoneGap / Apache Cordova:

It’s an open source platform which permits you to create mobile applications using standardized web interface for those platforms you care about.


It doesn’t need the wisdom of compact programming languages since it follows fundamental development languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

* It allows you create programs easily with no significant investment.

* Setup of PhoneGap program is comparable to the setup of a native program.


* Mobile program developer himself must write the plugin when it is not offered.

* Performance is going to be impacted in the event the programmer uses many images.

2. Appcelerator Titanium:

It’s an open and extensible development environment used for producing beautiful native programs across various mobile devices.


* It allows you create an application in a flexible way with its quick prototyping.

* Programs JavaScript, HTML and CSS for Making the program.

* Software regular user-interface components like buttons, tables etc.

* It allows you save the data locally.

* Supports asynchronous module definition (AMD) and frequent JS.


* Access is limited for specific parts of a mobile OS.

* It provides limited access to apparatus resources like camera.