Selecting A Helmet Camera For Your ATV Helmet

There is more to choose the right sort of ATV Helmet Cam than browsing the net. Below are a few ideas for finding an ATV helmet camera. You’ll have to get a shock resistant helmet camera for all of the lumps you will encounter on the road. You are going to need your helmet camera to be weatherproof in the event you get caught in the rain or need to cross a creek. In the end, you’ll require a stable mount to maintain the helmet camera for your helmet or ATV.

Not all helmet cams are shock resistant. Some sellers are selling cheap security cameras which can fall apart after a few applications. When you are hitting the lumps and flying through the air, you do not want your helmet camera breaking down. Ensure that the helmet camera you buy can take the abuse. Most reputable dealers only sell shock resistant ATV helmet cams for your ATV.

Possessing a weatherproof camera is equally important whether you’re going to be riding in varying weather conditions or wet terrain. You do not need a camera which can fizzle out on one of the first time it gets wet. Pick a trader that just sells weatherproof ATV HELMETS. This can insure you can capture shine or rain.

You have heard a lot of men and women say it over and over again – your helmet camera always has to be fastened into a helmet snugly. But how comfortable is cozy, how tight is tight and how loose is loose? Here is a hint which you can use whenever you are searching for the right ATV helmet camera. You are going to want to select mounts which are portable and that may be transferred from 1 perspective into another. Action Video Cams provides deluxe rubber mounts with stitched on Velcro that hold the camera firmly. The Velcro will permit you to transfer it from 1 place to a different kind of mount, is that the 360 degree free angle mount is a clamp mount. You may mount it into a tripod or whatever you may attach it to using a 1/4 x 20 screw. The free angle mount will be able to enable you to catch camera angles you cannot get with other kinds of mounts. Utilizing the right mounts will guarantee you catch the shot that you desire with no ATV helmet camera falling off throughout your trip.